Thursday, July 28, 2011

California N-plant starts blowing the seismic smoke


“We don’t want to make the same mistakes as Japan,” Nishenko said about the need for the studies.
The onshore studies will involve the use of large Vibreoseis trucks, which will create seismic sound waves that are relatively subtle but can penetrate deep into the earth’s crust. 
“It doesn’t really cause that much ground vibration,” Nishenko said. “If we do our jobs right, you shouldn’t even know we are there. (The trucks) have about the same level of sound as a street sweeper.”

The lesson of Japan is the ridiculous seismic fragility of nuclear plants because of bad physics.  This is the same problem that has allowed fragile transfer-slab condos.  

Those vibroseis trucks can rattle your teeth out if you stand near them.  They destroy shoddy windows.  

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