Thursday, July 28, 2011

BC Earthquake Doom


I just put this in because everybody is so hot about it.  I can't see it makes much difference.  Is the PGV going to increase?  Will we see Chilean 70 cm/sec?  All we know is all those modern condos are going down, no matter what.  :)

Not much posting because of cottage days.  I saw somebody catch a 10 pound lake trout right in front of us.  They measured it and let it go.  Nobody should eat those things because they live a long time, and feed on fish that eat other fish.  They have a good dose of natural mercury.

My fun trying to order from sleazy US vendors is over.  Those people at are a disappointment.  (10 bucks lost!)  Back to 2-times-more-expensive Canadian suppliers.  :(

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