Friday, June 10, 2011

Apple Becomes Microsoft


Ok, all you article picker-uppers!  This is not geology or science.  This is technology, and an interesting example on how Apple has become a giant blob picking up everything into its operating system, without compensation.  You have to go to the loonies in east Texas to fight them.  Since their operating system is closed, you'll never know what they sucked in, and since you have to submit the source code for the app store, they have the greatest candy shop ever!


Anonymous said...

Is this really anything new? They just realeased the new iOS5 which was "revolutionary in the words of Mr. Jobs but a copy of the other major players through and through. The iCloud represents what Google already does if you have an Android device. Plus there are apps that will sync data across devices. I'll be happy to see their demise at the hands of Microsoft and Google when their pope passes on and people wake from their spell of fashion over function.

Harold Asmis said...

I don't hate them quite as much, but I find them disagreeable, with all their lawsuits.