Monday, May 2, 2011

Stop wind farm problems once and for all

Ok, so I Google 'Ontario wind farm health' and I get a host of wacko sites.  These things sound like anti-nuke infomercials!  "There can be NO DOUBT about blah, therefore everything we say is true."  And the farmies sound like big tobacco.

If there is any infrasound problem, it comes from self-tuning.  This has been the cause of every vibration problem I've ever investigated.  I've seen enough that I think there is tower-sway self-tuning, and not rotation wacking of the tower.  This is what happens when the wind goes over a forest of identical trees.

So, stop all this religious argument, and Hit the Instruments!  I propose, that for a modest fee (and expense account!), that we set up a whole bunch of wireless accelerometers on the top of each tower (solar powered!, more reliable).  In the hot summer, these can be excellent seismometers, since those blades never turn then.  When the wind blows, we will see self-tuning!  And then we can figure out how to detune the system.  Maybe use the blade-thumping phase delays to destroy tuning.  Surely Exxon can afford this!

The effect can only be measured by a proper infrasound detector, which is usually an enclosed volume of air, probably about the size of a human chest cavity.  We are looking for coherent waves, and not white noise.  In fact, the goal will be to change coherency to white noise, which shouldn't have a major health effect, unless it does.  :)

What I expect to see are rolling 2 Hz waves, going over the towers.  These will roll downstream for miles.  If the waves can be stopped from forming, we have solved our wind farm problem.

The other way to tackle it is to put wind farm executives in an enclosed room and start a pure 2 hz air pressure sinusoid.  See if they come out alive!

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