Monday, May 30, 2011

Ontario Fruit Tree Spraying

Like everybody, I have some fruit trees in the backyard.  Ontario made my life miserable by banning all the horribly toxic stuff I used to pour on them.  So I had to use all my chemistry to mix up something as good.  Now, you know that I never put any of this stuff on my trees, since that would be illegal.  I am just coming up with a 'thought experiment' on what would be good, and has worked the last few years.

I just thought of 2 ingredients - one is a wettable powder organic fungicide.  I use Bordo Copper, since I figure that if I would accidently spray myself, it would prevent arthritis :).  The powder is great, since it has a wetting agent, and this is legal.  Next I put in some pyrethin, which is organic, but banned because my fruit trees may be on a swamp.  I would use Home Defence, if I actually sprayed it.  I put in about 60 ml for 3 l.  You have to spray every few weeks.

And here's something obvious, which I didn't know for years.  When the apples are about an inch in diameter, pinch out all the apples in a cluster, but the main, biggest one.  It really helps!

Update - May 31, 2018.  I have a new spray recipe.


Tree Service Charlotte said...

I never knew you should pluck off all of the apples around the primest, if they are ordered that way, thanks for the tip!

-Tony Salmeron

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, my apples are the only thing I have going right now, since they missed the killer frost. My cherry tree has died, the pear dropped all the fruit, and the plum has cankers.I really miss my deadly chemicals!