Monday, May 16, 2011

Letter to Hudak

(Tim Hudak is the contender to the Ontario Throne)

Dear Tim, soon you will be taking power from the very tired liberal party.  On that day, you will be forced to dig into the muck, and discover our debts and liabilities are far greater than advertised.  The Niagara Tunnel is probably an extra 2 billion in the hole, and that doesn't include the expansion to the pumped storage required to actually make it all work.

You will find our nuclear plants are seismic death traps, and they are about to sink billions into a big wet hole up at the Bruce.  What to do?

We really need some new nuclear plants, but the people running the show are of the same quality that doomed Japan.  You need to clean house, or soon we are out of electricity.  You can't build the required nuclear capacity at Darlington.  We looked at it years ago and rejected it.  Go to Wesleyville, and immediately snag the parts for a few Westinghouse AP1000's.  Do the phony environmental assessments later, they always go through!

You've got to start all this soon, before you too, become as they are......


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