Friday, May 6, 2011

Japan nuclear plant closes to build up useless seawalls


I really wish somebody would look into the effectiveness of seawalls for tsunamis.  As I mentioned to my old ladies, if you plot the scales of 1000 km, and the depth of the ocean, you get a thin sliver of ocean, like holding water in a cookie pan.  Once that water starts to slide, it does not act like a wave, but like a moving slab.  Put a seawall in its way, and it just runs up it.  Under the right conditions these things run up hundreds of feet.

Just get the generators out of the g-damned basement!  Seal them for immersion, and ready to run once the water drains off.  Have an underground power cable laid to a safe zone.  These are just a few things.

Of course, our own crazy people aren't learning anything from all this.  Bring on The Linda to shake some sense into them.  :)

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