Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giving the Old Talk

Well, I gave my lecture to the old guys in the Big House, and I'm happy to say that only half of them slept through it.  I started with the Beauty of Earthquakes, to earthquake detection with Slinky's, fault mechanics using the old bathtub slip model, ending with the dance of buildings.  I really wanted to do the Earthquake Fault Square Dance, but not too many people were mobile.  There were lots of questions, and even some on why our skrungy nuclear people aren't doing very much.

Next time, I'm doing the living earth, or Ontario Precambrian Geology.  There were many bright old people, and I was happy to give them some intellectual stimulation, and they, in turn, gave me a great gift.  :)  ps. the concept of a blog was way beyond them.  :)


Kraks said...

thank you
just because

Harold Asmis said...

I was glad that one old lady was tearing into our local nuclear bosses.