Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Geophysics That Time Forgot

Yesterday was my birthday, and tomorrow is my talk at the Big House.  I'm getting my talk all together, and I have to decide if I want to use plastic or steel slinkies.  So, going through my old bags of tricks, I come across this magnetic map.  At the old company, we paid for a high resolution airplane magnetic survey.  The resolution was so good you could pick out hydro-pole transformers, and old ship wrecks.  Here it is.

It's lovely!  Here you can totally pick out the boundary zone that defines the Hamilton fault.  Naturally, this sort of thing doesn't exist for the Big Company, what with their great need for Precambrian simplification.  :)


Anonymous said...

Anything for my neck-of-the-woods?
Peter -- borough

Harold Asmis said...

Nothing to see there, move along.