Friday, May 13, 2011

Geology Movie - Krull

This is a fantastic movie to test out the new big flat screen.  Made in 1982, it looks like a committee response to Star Wars.  Be sure to find a high-grade version -- I'm not telling you how -- nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Go through it first with your friends, and be amazed as you wonder what the hell is going on?  Then go through it again, plastered with your favourite beverages or whatever.  Now's the time to do running commentary!  Look at the fantastic sets, straight from Barbarella, with obvious totally flat lighting.  Admire the casting by the board room -- "Yes, we need a young guy who can't act!"  "Put in a plumber -- Everyone likes Nintendo!"

But the outside pictures are great, along with the horses.  This makes the movie, and you can see what the Lord of the Rings stole from this.  There are the same shots!  See Liam Neeson in one of this first movies, and watch his death scene, where you know he is saying "Thank God, I'm out of it now."

Think of the tons of fiberglass!  The King Kong special effects.  All was done before digital.  Think of people capable of interstellar travel going out on horseback!  It totally buzzes your mind!

As a geology movie, it beats The Core. :)

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