Sunday, May 1, 2011

Canada Earthquake Week


In Ontario, they muck all emergencies together so that nothing is really planned for.  Nevertheless, we have a first real indication that they place earthquakes in Ontario.  Rather pathetic, but better than a kick in the head!  :)

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Kraks said...

Hello Mr. O-g
Long time, no lurk.
You are prolific - sort of.
Read the "What - us worry?" article. Of course...20 year-old research, obviously stale !
er...huh ?
Re: Deepie Brucie. Sigh. Unfortunate name choice. Oh well, that's your choice. Nobody cares anyway right ? Damn near guaranteed no one else is going to be critical of whatever info "they" deign to give us. We don't need no stinkin' transparency OR geology ! The bolts holding on my "happy think" helmut are rusting and I think I'm getting tetanus. Sure glad that Japan nucular thing is over.