Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Shale Gas Earthquake?


A spokeswoman for Cuadrilla, the company carrying out the tests, said drilling was suspended as a precaution following the earthquake, confirmed by the British Geological Survey as the area's second in as many months.

I love shale gas earthquakes!  They prove everything I have said about using rock mechanics for earthquakes.  It would be very unusual, or nearly impossible, to have an earthquake from the first fracking of the shale.  I wonder if they were testing an injection well, since that would be the main cause.

The Brits should get all their creaky Victorian seismometers and check it out!


Hypocentre said...

some of us are ;)

Harold Asmis said...

And is the seismometer steam-powered, and resembling the device on Sherlock Holmes? :)

All joking aside, I hope you don't have another Arkansas on your hands, even though I would love to see the mechanism grow!

Harold Asmis said...

Just reading that the nearest steam seismometer is 50 km away! Bring in some close stuff, and let them continue what they are doing. We should see the events expand on the thrust zone, and then form a shear wing. This time I hope somebody gets focal mechanisms!

Of course, the locals might be a little 'rattled'.

Hypocentre said...

We are 'on top of it'

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah! I'm sure you'll do a better job than anti-science Arkansas, and not let it run away to self-sustaining mechanism.