Friday, April 1, 2011

Writing Memoirs for Old People

My old neighbour had the most horrible duty of taking his older wife to the old-home (yeah, yeah, I know all the euphemisms).  She has Alzheimer's and has to go into the lock-up.  But I love it there!  Cindy and I went for a visit, since Cindy is the world's best therapy dog.  Although the lady was very angry with her husband, and keeps plotting her escape via the laundry chute, we managed to make her very happy for an hour.

This is a new place with all the facilities.  The only way to get in is to have money, or you can wait in the long Soviet line that never gets shorter.  I'm thinking of doing lectures there, and my main project will be to publish this lady's memoirs.  She still has the most fantastic long-term memory.  I don't know whether it should be a Google Knol or Sites.  I can't find any real experience on the net for this, although there are a zillion vanity publishing ads.  Any ideas?

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