Friday, April 15, 2011

Splitting Hairs in California Doesn't Work


“We recognize that many in the public have called for this research to be completed before the NRC renews the plant’s licenses,” said Conway. “We are being responsive to this concern by seeking to expeditiously complete the 3-D seismic studies and provide those findings to the commission and other interested parties so that they may have added assurance of the plant’s seismic integrity.”

It appears to be in their interest to delay licensing.  Oh well, that's politics!  If there are any lessons from Japan, it's that this attempt at micro-zoning a very bad area does not work!  You have to look at the whole picture and assume it's all bad.  California is more fixated at sub-zoning than Japan!  They want to assign significance to a single fault, and thoroughly examined it with a complex 3-D seismic survey!  Oh, please!  California is riddled with a zillion faults, and it is useless to try and sub-divide the seismic hazard.  That didn't work in Japan, and it won't work in California, since an M7 right under a city or plant is as bad as it gets, and these things are totally unpredictable.

But it gives a lot of money to California seismic nit-pickers.  Wish I could get that job...

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