Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Madrid Has Not Shut Down


So, it looks like the USGS was worried about that guy who associates no gps signals with no hazard.  The got some 'independent' panel to confirm their view on the matter.  The panel concludes:

The New Madrid Seismic Zone represents a significant hazard for large earthquakes that would cause widespread damage.
This hazard must be accounted for in urban planning and development.
The panel does not support the view of some individuals that the region has “shut down” in its production of large earthquakes.
The current version of the USGS national seismic hazard maps are a good estimate of the overall hazard posed by the New Madrid Seismic Zone and should continue to be used until the next revision of the maps replace them in 2013.
Additional research could lower remaining uncertainties and thus potentially lower the potential hazard in future maps. 


Tim Shey said...

In December of 2006, I had a dream about a Las Vegas Earthquake. Here is the dream, if you want to read it:

Anonymous said...

Showgirls and earthquakes, what more could you ask for?

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