Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Geology, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Power Plants


Experts hope Japan has taught the world an important lesson: When it comes to nuclear safety, it's essential to imagine the unimaginable. Looking back 50 years, or even 500, is not enough.
"When you're talking about radioactivity and possibilities of explosions ... you have to look at what is within the realm of possibility," said Jody Bourgeois, a tsunami expert at the University of Washington who was doing research in Japan when the disaster struck. "You should be building it with factors of safety for the maximum possible events."

This is a very good article.  When people write like this, they scarcely need me!  I've been seeing way too many Jane Austen movies lately, so I shall end with:  Isn't it a great diversion to see such foolishness, in the nuclear bosses around us.  For what is our purpose in life, then to have our fellows laugh at us, as we laugh at them, in return.

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