Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bruce Geological Nuclear Waste Documents

I have just finished the main document, which is the safety report.  It goes through the whole case, and outlines all the results.  The rest of the documents might be more details.  I'm slowly putting it in Deepie Brucie.

Strangely enough, I find myself supporting it, if they can sink the shafts without incident, which I don't think they can do.  If the shafts are successful, and totally waterproof, then they have entered a decoupled block of rock, which has somehow survived the violent geological history.  If they require a huge sump pump, and lots of water is constantly being pumped out, then they have failed, since I don't think this rock is stable when being pumped.

Much like the Niagara Tunnel, the shafts will put them billions over, but they have lots of money, and the tunnel was built after all.  For the env. assessment, they underestimate the amount of grout, which is nasty stuff, and produces a lot of carbon pollution in its manufacture.

If we have perfect shafts, then the site is perfect.  There is no chance of any leakage, and we'll never notice it, what with all the expected blowups of nuclear plants in the coming decades.  :)   They are claiming the same grade as a fuel storage site, so take that as you may.

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