Wednesday, March 9, 2011

USGS Continues Expensive Focus on California


The United States Geological Survey is burying 3,000 seismographs near the San Andreas fault in the Coachella and Imperial valleys for its Salton Seismic Imaging Project.
They're being distributed among seven stretches of land and will measure seismic waves from small explosions simulating 1.5- to 2-magnitude earthquakes.
“We're trying to see below the ground surface and look for the possibility of hidden faults and categorize the nature of sediments,” USGS spokeswoman Leslie Gordon said Tuesday. “You set off one explosion and record it along a line of many, many sensors.”

After Arkansas, it becomes apparent that all attention is on California.  I mean, who wants to be stationed in Arkansas?  They've done a lot of horribly expensive things in California, and it doesn't come up with much.  Earthquakes are chaotic and can happen anywhere, any time.

Still, not a speck of news on the 'Miracle of Arkansas'.

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