Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiny earthquake tickles Chalk River Seismic Death Trap


A tremor has been recorded near the Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. nuclear laboratories in Chalk River, Ont.
Earthquakes Canada reported the 3.5-magnitude quake happened about 70 km northeast of Chalk River, around 12:04 p.m. Tuesday.

Actually, this is a standard western Quebec seismic zone earthquake, which happens as often as Harper sleazy attack ads.  It's only with our nuclear panic that the popular press associates it with Chalk River.  I like to think it's due to me....:)

So, to add to the nuclear panic, it seems we have gone to Stage 2 of my meltdown sequence.  Stage 3 is the 'China Syndrome' where the fuel becomes critical again.  I didn't think S2 was possible, and I don't know about S3, since it was only the control rods that stop the fission.  Hopefully, some of that stuff melted along with the fuel.

So, I've added the little red blobs.  The good news is that we might have low-density stringers as the slag falls through the seawater.  The bad news:  I don't know what sort of party these things might have at the bottom.  That water will become very hot with radioactivity, and will have to be dumped into the sea.

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