Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Geology at Darlington Hearings


The current plan doesn’t address the fact that the site is next door to a gravel quarry. Blasting shakes the ground, and quarrying can lower the water table underground, causing land in the surrounding area to become unstable and sink.

Oh, I could die laughing!  At least they brought up the blasting part.  But having the solid limestone sink?  They must think it's Bruce limestone!   :)


Civdis said...

Hi Harold,

I am a member of a pretty cool forum caled Urban Toronto. We are a bunch of urban design freaks (more specifically skyscraper geeks). There is a discussion about transfer slabs and earthquakes going on that you may want to comment about.. It is easy to sign up. Here is a link to the discussion:


Harold Asmis said...

I looked at it, and I don't think I can say much. The building is on the shaly-limestone bedrock. The PGV can't get beyond 10 cm/s, and I don't think they can build these towers that badly to be damaged at that level. If you are on the footwall of the big fault, you are safe on rock.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harold
Are you sayin the limestone under D is not vulnerable to collapse, and that the extraction at the cement factory is not an issue. Just a hysterical ignorant concern?
Peter de 10-30 cps

Harold Asmis said...

Darlington limestone is solid, man!