Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, You're Too Fat For Me...


Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear division is overstaffed and overpaid and the utility has “largely failed to deliver” in keeping costs down, the Ontario Energy Board says.
“Most consumers would reasonably expect ‘savings’ to mean a reduction over what is currently being paid. This is what the (energy) minister requested and this is what OPG has largely failed to deliver,” the board said in a ruling released Thursday.

I'm just thinking of that Polka song.   I can't complain about the fat pension, but I consider that I was psychologically damaged, and it's a war wound.  Wait until the board sees the actual bill for the Niagara Tunnel!  They were so tired from writing the checks, that they poached a manager right from the tunnel contractor to do it.  Now that's lazy!

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