Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuclear Plant Seismic Safety - Science and Technology Required - Part 1

This is a new series to help me rise above the cat-calling and hissy fits of the current nuclear debate.  There is no imminent threat to Hamilton or our nuclear plants.  There, I am detached from the popular news.

A brief overview of the contents, because I feel lazy today.

Seismic Stress Test
-review of previous methodology, requirement to precisely define the remote earthquake at about 1 in 400 (snake-eyes with a pair of 20-sided dice).
-modern seismic experiences -- when there is damage, and when their is no damage.
-should this test extend to all surrounding facilities?  GTA?

-need for a program to resurrect old efforts to examine deep crustal geology.
-currently, uncertainties overwhelm any conclusions.
-process many existing deep seismic reflection lines

Fault Mechanics
-what is the PGV for the rare earthquake?
-where is most likely location?

I'm not putting in more seismic monitoring, since I think we have the best in eastern North America.  Give credit to OPG for bankrolling most of it.

It is ironic that greater scientific effort will help the nuclear plants, but cast greater doubt on the Bruce Thing.  That is why I think they will stick to very old stuff, and just proceed with name calling, and powerpoint slides. :)

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