Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japan also does phony earthquake reviews


In an effort to pacify its critics, TEPCO held a simulated earthquake drill in January at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, the first time it had done so at any of its plants. But while TEPCO said the plant passed the test, which was based on a 7.0 tremor, it did little to mollify local residents.
“The information comes only from TEPCO. They never allowed a third party to conduct any tests, so we don’t know what to believe. … We feel that the reason they didn’t test for a 7.5 or 8.0 magnitude quake is because the plant couldn’t stand it,” said Chie Takakiwo, a 65-year-old retired high-school teacher. She spent her Saturday afternoon attending an information session held by an anti-nuclear activist who visited the Fukushima region last week, taking photographs of the evacuated villages, as well as radiation measurements with a Geiger counter

Yes, these efforts to pacify tend not to work when it's all opaque.  That's what I've been saying all these years, that things need to open up a little.  Although all these people are wonderful (and I won't use the s-word), I have never found anybody who looks beyond the end of their nose.  Thus, they will look at all the seismicity statistics for things that happened right at the plant, they will never look at the geology down the road, or deep underneath them.

Thus, we will engage in our own phony review, where all the science I've presented is willfully ignored.  Will they look at all the deep seismic reflection surveys?  Will they look at all the geophysics that has been done in the lakes.  No, they don't even know about it. (as we saw in the hearings)

In the States, they'll do the same thing, with almost nothing having been done in the east for 20 years.  Yet, they are approving new nuclear plants, without the 'groundwork'.  :)

Although  I truly believe there are no brains for new nuclear in Ontario, I have always hoped for more money to define the structural geology.  It is a moral crime (can't say a real crime, or I'll get sued) to proceed with our great uncertainties, and no comprehensive seismic review for our b-plants.  Their statement that these plants are seismically qualified, is from the same era as "Those PC's are never going anywhere!".  :)

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