Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get up early for the Darlington hearings!


Lucille Jamault is with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, which is running the hearings. Jamault insists the process will allow all views on the project to be heard.
“Everyone who will be there, their point of view will be taken into consideration,” she said.

I surprised there aren't people camping overnight!  This is better than a rock concert!  It's being held in a tiny church basement, but I expect there may be some crowd control issues.

Everybody should just think they are putting up a Japanese BWR.  I mean, what else have they got?  Of course, they have done nothing new with regard to geology, and haven't even looked up the old stuff.  This reactor also has the pleasure of being located right beside one of the biggest cement quarries in the land.  The official line is that they scrape out the rock with a spoon... :)

So, enjoy yourselves!  I hope you get a seat!  After all, each and every one of you will be able to offer your opinion to the hearing.

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