Friday, March 4, 2011

Earthquake Fun May Stop in Arkansas


The nine-member commission will consider its staff’s request to stop use of the two wells through the end of March. The commission would reconsider the ban at its regular March meeting.
“We understand the concerns of citizens who reside in northern Faulkner County and respect the commission staff’s desire to address perceived issues associated with the seismic activity. However, we remain very confident that an objective review of the facts and science do not support the proposed action,” Danny Games Sr., director of corporate development, said in a release.
“We have dedicated extensive resources and have consulted with several very qualified geophysicists and seismologists to better understand the science, including the natural seismicity of the area that long pre-dates our operations,” he said.

Wow, they may be moving against a $4 billion operation!  Somehow I doubt it.  I give it 50-50 that the earthquakes will stop, if this action happens.  However, there is the chance that it has grown enough to tap into the natural groundwater, and/or it intersects another disposal operation.

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Harold Asmis said...

They stopped! Why don't we get the time histories?