Friday, March 18, 2011

Canada Joins the "Nuclear Review" Party


Canada has five nuclear power plants in different states of operation.
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is asking for a review of all Canadian nuclear plants in light of the disaster in Japan.
The in-depth review would also include Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.'s Chalk River Laboratories facility, located northwest of Ottawa.

One could ask, that without any new scientific information, what is the use?  They will just use obsolete information, and the usual bold statements.  When they say their 30 year old information isn't obsolete, we can just give them a funny look....  :)


crf said...

This announcement by CNSC, on the backdrop of a nuclear plant imploding spectacularly because of a lack of redundant and independently located power sources, makes Harper's and Lunn's handling of the disagreement over a backup for the backup battery between the CNSC and AECL look just a ~tad~ mindless.

The way the decision was made, and the consequences to the CNSC, are the salient features that should be examined. If they are not, every Canadian ought to assume the CNSC are captured by cabinet.

Harold Asmis said...

Amen. I didn't say that!