Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bruce Deep Waste Thingie About to Thump Down the Paper


Once submitted, the "extensive" 10,000-page document, and 60-page summary will be made available to the public for a sixth-month review period.
"Anything you ever wanted to know about the project is there," said NWMO's Marie Wilson, whose federal organization is providing technical services and regulatory support for DGR owner, operator and licensee, OPG. "The profile will be heightened during this time, both regionally and nationally."

When I was in the business, you never submitted anything unless it could break your toe if you dropped it.  The slipperiest tax avoider I know once told me that you have no flexibility until your tax return is over an inch thick.

But these documents are daunting.  I'm sure as hell not going through them!  Perhaps one of you younger heroes out there will volunteer?  You could set up a Wikileaks-like team, and present it in digestible chunks.  Anyway the interesting things aren't what they put in (like how many ducks they won't bother), but what they leave out.

For the game is to bury all your opponents in massive deluge of your good points.  The hearing is a sure thing, they never do anything there.  This is the Niagara Tunnel all over again, but with some radioactivity.  Should be fun (oops, blood-lust again!).

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Harold Asmis said...

Ooooh, I was thinking. They are going to have so much radioactive salt water pumped out, why not inject it at 12,000 feet? :)