Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Fault Under Darlington


3. Why did the Geological Survey of Canada avoid questions about possible geological weaknesses near Darlington?
Mattson asked Lamontagne about a 1993 study suggesting there are geological “lineaments” beneath the site. A lineament is not necessarily a fault line, but it may be an indicator.
This was Lamontagne’s reply:
“To my knowledge OPG commissioned professors at different universities to look into these problems. And I think there were internal reports that were sent to OPG on these topics.”
OPG did indeed give a detailed presentation discounting the risk of geological weakness in the reactor zone. But it is, after all, the project proponent.
Why the silence from the disinterested federal experts?

Why not?  Since our megathrusts dip ever so gentle all the way to the bottom of the crust, there is a big fault under everywhere in S.Ont.

I'm surprised nobody reminds OPG about the CSA requirements for new nuclear, which I can't quote here, because they are top secret.  Really, there is an obligation to do a bit more than, let's say..... nothing!

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Enlighten me as to what you mean by "the TV guy"?
Peter of resonant HV lines

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