Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Zealand - World's Most Grossly Overrated Earthquake


As outlined in the previous article, I cannot conceive what bizarre geology allowed this to be an M7.0! It must have put out a lot of low-frequency energy. In terms of ground motion, I call this an M5.5. There is no way you can compare it to Haiti, where the 'Fist of God' must have hit them at 1 m/s. Too bad we'll never know because Haiti was too poor for seismic instruments.

So, forget all this crap about 'Superior Building Codes'! This was not a test, in the event of a real earthquake there would have been lots of deaths, since these were the absolutely worst buildings on the worst soil.

So, shame to New Zealand for allowing this situation to exist! You got off lucky with an earthquake which wouldn't have rated much news in California, since all the garbage buildings have been knocked down a long time ago! I can't really throw stones, since cities like Toronto are far worse off, but it doesn't take a chicken to judge an egg!

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