Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Zealand = Toronto Earthquake Scenario

As usual, I'm not saying we're going to have a big earthquake right under Hamilton. Our authorities make no mention of this! All I'm saying is that the NZ earthquake is the ideal scenario for our M7 (which can't exist).

Looks like a solid rock earthquake, with perhaps 3 earthquakes of slightly less than M7 (M6.5?). Not a speck of damage on firm foundations. Most of the brick damage looks like the brick parapets dragged the brick facing off. All the parapets should be removed in Toronto and NZ!

Lots of soft ground damage with a lot of liquefaction. I'd love to see the accelerometer data, but I have little hope that they instrumented the place. Like I said, I'd guess a firm-ground PGV of 10-20 cm/s, with a max of 100 cm/s on the swamps. I wonder if they used piles for the modern buildings??

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