Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of old brick schools on swamps


There are no rules requiring independent school operators to conduct seismic assessments of their buildings and no central registry -- such as the one that exists for public schools -- identifying buildings that may be at risk in the event of an earthquake. Moreover, there are no provincial funds available for independent schools that need such upgrades.

So, the New Zealand (Christchurch) earthquake has taught us a thing or two about old brick buildings on swamps. Did you notice how they are trying to change the name of the earthquake to something horribly remote and generic? Nobody wants to be saddled with the name of an earthquake!

That is the real reason why they won't even mention the possibility of an earthquake in Toronto, or most major cities. The implications are enormous! But poor BC has had its head dragged out of the sand, and look at all the trouble! Montreal and Toronto just go la, la, la....

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