Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking the Back Woods

So, you only go to the cottage in the fall to either chop wood, or go on a hike.  We decided to do the hike thing, 2 humans and Cindy the Wonderdog.  This area is solid granitic gneiss, gouged out by faults, so that there are lots of really deep narrow valleys, and beaver ponds.  The narrow valleys are micro-climates and have trees you never see elsewhere.  As well, we pick the wild mushrooms that are easy to identify (not white ones!).  Use of a GPS is obligatory!

We're walking along, and we hit Bear Poop Heaven!  These are not tiny things, but looked like pumpernickels.  There were so many and all fresh.  I was looking around, because I know the dog would act like they don't exist.  Anyway, what the heck were they eating?  But at least they're happy, and won't come down to the cottages.  At times like this, I certainly don't mind a little bear hunting, just to keep them on their toes.  They were bloody huge!  :)

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