Thursday, September 23, 2010

Earthquake Things

Well, I'm back.  This episode was shorter than usual.  I'm taking 3000 units a day of vitamin D, and this seems to help with the seasonal aspect.

I was also sad that my Google appeal has been denied, and I'm banned for life from their sleazy advertising.  I'm sure none of these ads want to be on my site, where I can't help making fun of them.  Oh, well, I need another justification to keep writing over the harsh winter.  Perhaps you kiddies with the one laptop per child could write and say how the Fish has changed your life, and you want to become an earthquake scientist!

On New Zealand, even though I overreacted to their smugness, I saw an article that quotes engineers as saying the earthquake did not really test the building code, and more research is needed.  They are passing laws that still give the old brick buildings another 15 years, and even that will cost over a billion dollars.

Anyway, my big fun this week was getting the new Bell Fibe, which gives me 25 mb download, and 7 upload.  It's fast!  They still have a low total of 75 gb per month, which I think is a big scam to protect their own IPTV (run by MS, blah!).  That was a lot of work by the technician, who spent an hour in the house, cleaning and testing the lines.  This is a higher frequency DSL which connects to a box (in my case) 270 m away, and that has a fiber card.  The line tested to a maximum of 60 mb download.  And the techies are being trained for fiber to the house, which will probably go along the hydro poles, since they don't want to dig again.

With this internet speed, I have cancelled my Bell satellite, which saves me a lot of money.  I'm still getting my stuff the Linux way, since this is compressed.  I have a feeling that something like Netflix would have gross uncompressed stuff that would instantly fill the download limit.  I'm sure Bell IPTV gets rid of this limit for them.

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