Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another 'KIll Off' Claim


Catastrophic volcanic eruptions in Europe may have culled Neanderthals to the point where they couldn't bounce back, according to a controversial new theory.

Modern humans, though, squeaked by, thanks to fallback populations in Africa and Asia, researchers say.

Ok, kiddies, this makes a good science project.  You, with the laptops at your desk, are much better off than students in Ontario, who are jammed in a big classroom, and have to listen to some guy drone on.

So, what do we do with this?  At face value, it is like dozens of other claims:  Dinosaurs killed off, Clovis Man killed off, etc.  Yet, for each case, we find that these people or animals were in big trouble before the event.  This was due to either evolutionary competition, or climate change.  If any of these groups were strong before the event, the few survivors would breed at a ferocious rate, and repopulate almost instantly in geological time space.  No event kills absolutely every last bit of DNA!

So, all these claims must be examined closely.  That is your job!   Good luck!  :)

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