Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Nuclear for Canada?


I can't really take this seriously, but here we are. Wouldn't it be neat to have Les French come in a show us how to put up a nuclear plant? They have some advantage in that they won't be harried by a hopeless bureaucracy and union like in Ontario. As well, they probably have lots of room on a foundation of solid rock. All they have to do is give up the land and stand back!

In Ontario, we could never do this. Any new nuclear plant would be as successful as the Niagara Tunnel! There would be horrible political interference, the site would be useless, and the union/bureaucracy would roll over them like a steamroller.

I don't think the French can do it either. I'd rather have the Russians come in, with their sex-spies... Oh yeah, baby! Silence me! :)

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