Monday, July 12, 2010

Demonizing Steel


Elston says Bruce Power, which is paying Studsvik roughly about $1 million per shipped generator, deserves some credit for the plan because it will reduce the company’s environmental footprint by ridding it and Canada of the nuclear waste.

Poor Bruce! They feel they are unloved after all the political dirty tricks they have pulled over the years.

But really, the most dangerous thing in that ship will be the fuel oil to run it. If the whole ship blows up, which is the scare scenario the greenies are painting, then another ship can pluck these things out of the water without a speck of radiation going into the zebra mussels!


Anonymous said...

de(mon)ionizing hehe

Remind me of some of the politico-tricks Bruce Energy has pulled?
Peter of the Hummin electron facets

Harbles said...

Speaking of Tunnels. I know you like tunnel stories

Harold Asmis said...

Too long for a summer read! :)
I still think our own tunnel will win the prize for highest percentage overrun. That is, if we ever find out the total cost!