Friday, April 9, 2010

When the Subsidy Party Ends


I find this interesting. Old Shoppers goes from being filthy rich, opening all these fancy new stores, to utter poverty in a day! The government must divert the money to pay for the billions sunk into the Niagara Tunnel!

Somebody asked me today what will happen with all these solar and wind farms? It's my opinion that they will be abandoned in 10 years. All the subsidy incentive is towards putting them up and running them down to the ground while they get a huge amount of money for the power. This stuff is all 'high performance engineering' like race cars. You can see the grinding metal dust pouring out of them as they whirl! :)
There is nothing sadder than seeing a 10 year old wind farm. Although some people may bitch about the initial subsidies for nuclear plants, it takes a good 30 years to run them into the ground by reckless operation. All the parts are 'nuclear grade' and run at very low stress levels.

Now, some Europeans are banning land windmills, and just going for the offshore type. Can you imagine how you'd maintain these things? I shudder at the thought. So, when the subsidy tap turns off for these things, expect the worst. :)

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