Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I appear to be cured of Blogo-philia

I worked for 30 years in the old company. The first 10 I worked building massive things. I was happy if we pulled it off for twice the price, and twice the time of what I considered reasonable, since there were political forces to overcome, and strong unionism.

In the next 10 years we didn't build, but I did a lot of seismic stuff. I helped to release millions of dollars to the scientific community, doing geophysical surveys, and setting up seismic monitoring. We still have the best intraplate seismic monitoring in the world. But during that time, they started their intellectual purge and I suffered.

The last 10 years I just seemed to get outraged at gross stupidity and massive wastes of money. Every time I had an 'episode', it took another 10 times worse to get me going again. I had a really big one for a 3 million dollar waste (Pickering sinking transformer). Then it took about a 100 million (Bruce underground waste repository). As I left, I was outraged about billions (Niagara Tunnel).

I had intense blogo-philia for 3 years. Some of my 'interests' became societal, such as no earthquake preparation for Toronto (5 billion dollar waste). I had to express myself on earthquake mechanisms, specifically on how everybody else was wrong! :) Of course, there were still the big local wastes.

Now, all of a sudden, I feel 'cured'! They can waste billions on the tunnel, who cares? We're never building a nuclear plant, so I feel that is the top limit for our fractal organizations that control our lives.

Normally, when I'm off the blog, I was depressed, or on vacation, fishing. I could have written something on that deep Spanish earthquake, and the weird geology, but I didn't. Wow!

I'll probably come back if:

-the tunnel has another collapse, and people realize the actual cost liability
-a big earthquake with interesting geology
-an actual earthquake near Toronto.

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