Friday, March 26, 2010

That Old Chalk River, It just keeps delaying along


Yes, they've sung the Chalk River song once again. I can imaging that long ago they told their political masters a realistic date. They, of course, ranted and raved, and said it was unacceptable. So they told them a more politically correct date...... :)


wordfalling said...

I use firefox as my primary browser and have the adblock addon installed but disabled for your blog and other sites I like that depend on ad revenue. It seems that google is confused though as a post about a nuclear plant results in an ad for wedding dresses.

Perhaps it is your use of the phrase "realistic date" that triggered it. As a graphic designer who hopes for a better future as someone in the geoscience field; I find that amusing.

Harold Asmis said...

Hello??? Don't you see the warning at the end of my blog? Mr. Google has sucked out your brains, and has determined that you want to see wedding dresses! Nothing to do with what's in the article!

Dirt poor geologist: Beer commercials, or rent a date.

Graphics designer: Wedding dresses, or flower arrangements.