Monday, March 29, 2010

Save the Fishies - Open the Fish Ladder!

Such a crisis! I always go walking along the Humber with the dog. 10 years ago they put in this huge fish ladder for the big dam in the middle of the picture, since the fish couldn't jump it. 10 years I've watched it, and never a fish! Every year they come and clean it out, and open it up for the Spring.

But I always thought the fish were blocked lower down, but today I saw the big fish jumping! They probably aren't salmon, but steelheads. Maybe they aren't the important ones (are they sterile?), but they are dashing their little brains out on the falls, without a chance! Come out Mr. Fish Ministry and save them!

I tried to find someone and tell them about this, but they tend to be rather protected by devious phone systems, and nobody is ever there. If anybody knows the right buttons to push then SAVE THE FISHIES! :)


Anonymous said...

All is good now - the fishes are happy!

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, it's great! I'll be going every day to try to get of video of them jumping.