Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review Asus O Play Air

Oh! Is this a toy or what! I had to get it for the upstairs exercise room. The old rabbit ears weren't working anymore for the little lcd tv. This really works, and connects with my Mediatomb media server on a Linux machine.

The wireless n pickup is unbelievable, all bars! I have cards that always show a weak signal, but this is very high speed. So I can show all my movies (all legal! snork), and the spoose can check up on her fav. old shows that also fell into my lap.

As soon as you get it, you have to upgrade the firmware, as with all these things. You just download it from Asus, put it on a usb thing, and start the update process. This latest version has internet radio and tv. I love to listen to Bollywood music when I dance on my treadmill. Hooka! Hooka! Moomble moomble! I'm getting good with the words!

It doesn't do youtube yet for the internet tv, but I'm sure that's in the next release of the firmware.

Four stars! or 10 Ali ali, moomba, joomba!


Harbles said...

How did that other asus issue u had resolve? Brick was dead? I hope you achieve customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile ... back at the NRU ...

I know you're not too surprised.

Harold Asmis said...

Well, after I screamed in my blog, I sent the link to this huge list of Asus people I got off the internet. Somehow it penetrated, and they sent me a brand new machine! It's been working perfectly ever since.

I was worried Asus is going all MS, but this device is pure open source Linux, and they provide the full source.

Harold Asmis said...

OK, their standard rca video output stinks! I just had to get a little Costco lcd tv with hdmi, and boy, is it fantastic mounted on the wall! Much better Bollywood sound as well!

Harold Asmis said...

This is still fantastic for the exercise room, but's it's no ps3 attached with a wire, which is the gold standard. Mainly, there's no fast forwarding, or quick positioning in a movie, but I think that might be the limited wireless speed. Still, it really sucks out good wireless n performance at the far reaches of the house, through 2 floors.

Harold Asmis said...

After all this time, I think the unit is sloppily programmed. I have no problem with it, but the hyped-up college girl constantly gets it confused. It can finally do Samba at revision 1.18N