Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Depression sets in on Niagara Tunnel

Yes, you poor people, I understand your situation. I suffered from classic male mid-life depression, that makes scientists disappear. I got the tiny pills to cure it.

But it's hard to cure depression for a tunnel, perhaps as difficult as pumping up Team Canada for the last period! All I ask for is a simple report bi-monthly (or is it bi-weekly, or half-monthly?). But I know, it's as difficult as a depressed man shaving in the morning.

Cheer up! You've got the biggest tunneling machine in the world, although it is the slowest. You are encountering new science everyday, although we will never learn anything from it. You are boldly going where angels fear to tread!

And pictures! You used to do such wonderful pictures. I can understand how depression takes all the zing out life.

I am your only audience. Be happy in that! I just want the reports, so I can make fun of them. You are making me happy! Nobody reads my blog, and nobody clicks on my ads. It's not as though I can make the Auditor General come up with a real estimate of your total costs, which would be in the billions.

This is the party of a lifetime! Zoom through that rock, and throw in steel sets right away. Nothing should crack for 10 years or more. Move fast through the overbreak repairs, and throw in that unreinforced concrete lining. Should be okay. Seek professional help for your depression.

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