Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chile Should Build a Nuclear Plant


That means in the case of Chile, a power plant located in the Maule or Bio Bio regions would be designed to safely withstand an earthquake greater than 9.5-magnitude, which is the strength of a 1960 earthquake, the strongest on record, which flattened the southern city of Valdivia.

For Chile, I think the PGV is very controlled with this type of earthquake. The key is to find some solid rock, and then you can build a nuclear plant, provided you use modern explicit analysis techniques, and the ground velocity time history. Use the old crap and you get a PGA of 2g or something ridiculous.


Harbles said...

Oh bother another 7.2 trembler near Santiago.

Plus an interesting item on The Feb quake.

Harold Asmis said...

Blah, just an aftershock, 35 km deep.

Eventually, I would like some seismic proof that the directivity pulse is directed downward.