Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chile Earthquake - What about Toronto?


"The prediction is Ohio could have a 7.2," he said, referring to the potential magnitude on the Richter scale. "If we had a magnitude 7, that would be devastating."

Ah, Come on!! Ohio doesn't have the monopoly on earthquakes! Their zones are identical to Toronto, but they've had a few earthquakes recently. Thus, the intelligent response to the classic question: "What about me?"

In Toronto, it's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". In honour of this great attitude, I shall make up a response from a fictional Toronto Emergency Old Boys Drinking Association (TEOB):

TEOB Declares No Chance of Chile M8.8 Hitting Toronto

Toronto - Toronto citizens can sleep safely under their bookcases, knowing that an M8.8 will not happen here.

TEOB Head Marvin Garvin said: "We can't have that M8.8 happening here, since it already happened in Chile."

He also is quoted as saying: "We shall hold the line, and continuing doing what we don't do about the ridiculous chance of an earthquake hitting Toronto. Let other people worry about it!"

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Anonymous said...

imbusSince an Earthquake just Hit Toronto ...now what do you have to say?