Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AECL- Putting off the nastiest to the last


Many interesting quotes in this article.

"The idea that this Conservative government could sell AECL at fire-sale prices to foreign interests is outrageous."

Now is AECL really worth the price of a fire? The article goes on with the usual screaming that we have sunk billions into this black hole, so it must really be worth a lot!

Now, for something completely different.

MacDiarmid said AECL has completed eight of 10 repair sites representing 60 per cent of the welding work required to fix the reactor. However, he cautioned that the last two sites present the "biggest challenges."

We used to do this all the time at the old company: pick off all the low-lying fruit in a project, say it's 80% done, with only a couple of things left to do! Sort of like saying, I've washed the whole car, and all I have left to do is to tune the engine! :)

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