Sunday, February 14, 2010

US Nuclear company gets fed 'help', stock goes down


Are they really getting a total gov't guarantee, like the savings and loans banks? Can they now waddle in and waste every dollar on parties? -without the tiniest incentive to get it to work? This shapes up to be a Niagara Tunnel scenario!

I remember building Darlington. Man,what a party! Any money that came from 'capital' was considered free coinage. I remember how one sleazy department insisted that there be 0.0000000 relative movement between two buildings. They ended up putting in beams the size of a train! Seismic motions were doubled, doubled again, and doubled some more, just for the heck of it! Billions flew out the window! Good times! :)

Now, I wait for the first US company to put in the shovel. They have already had a big party by constantly changing the standard designs, or insisting on totally new designs. Can wait to see what's next!

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