Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tritium, the Death of Nuclear


In a world too stupid to deal with a racing engine, we now have the horror of trapped tritium! Nuclear plants ooze tritium, and it doesn't do anybody any harm, except to raise their measurable dose, by some small fraction. If you go to the hospital and get zapped by some Chalk River Unobtainium, then it's much more!

The Canadian plants pour buckets of this stuff into the lakes, but it can't be measured coming back. The Americans fail to realize that they injected tons of this stuff into the atmosphere with their Bikini tests in the 50's, and this layer is still used as a marker in soil studies.

The Americans are all poopelized by some tritium that is trapped in the groundwater. This stuff has a very short half-life, and will most likely never emerge, and one good rain will make it unmeasurable. Yet, I fear this 'Tritium Terror' will now doom all nuclear, and the 'Law of Unintended Consequences' will put nasty windmills over every bedroom!

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