Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pickering in the garbage, Darlington to be gutted


When I was in the old company, the buzz was always whether Pickering would get a full makeover. Now, it's being thrown out.

Darlington gets all its guts torn out after only 20 years. That's the marvelous thing about totally screwing up the operation - It doesn't matter! Once you destroy all the tubes, heat exchangers, and pumps, you just replace them! Ready to run them down into the ground again! So much fun...

When PickA got the new tubes, they just threw them into these rusty barrels, on rusty stilts, right by the lake. What will they do with Darlington? They don't have any room! You can't throw them where the new plant will go. I suspect the rusty barrels will go to Wesleyville. Don't expect to see that in the phony environmental assessment!

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