Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nuclear incident oozes out of the muck


The CNSC filing said it was issuing details of the worker exposure because it was “an occurrence or incident that receives, or may receive, substantial media coverage or that has a high public visibility.”

Man, could they have been any slower on reporting this? Sounds like they finally had to let it go because somebody found out. They make Toyota look responsive!

Speaking of Toyota, the Economist had a great article on their totally sluggish inbred corporate culture. Sounds like my old company! These companies are great for executing the orders of a brilliant elite group, but cannot report back when that group starts losing its brains. Thus, if design rot starts hitting the company, it cannot find out. This is what happened at the old company, and is happening at Toyota, and every single Canadian toadie-run institution!

Still, my theory is that the last of bright Toyota brains migrated to the hybrid division. My Camry hybrid has survived! Now I'm looking at a Highlander hybrid, but I expect to get a good price! Otherwise, they can keep their decayed cars until Hell freezes over! :)

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