Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Home for Nuclear Waste


Now, I'm not anti-nuclear. I had fun building nuclear plants, I defended them, and I'd do it all over again, if it wasn't led by idiots. But, we are in a world where it is all political sizzle, and no physics steak! Obama cuts off all reality in the waste business, and wants more nuclear plants. The local people may be all for it, if somebody hauls away the leftovers. But what if nobody ever does?

This is a rational problem, and can be solved rationally, but it won't. There is not a speck of incentive for anybody to behave rationally. The blue ribbons can keep the party going forever, if they never say anything! Our own Canadian waste party-people just want to appear to be doing something - they get lots of money for it!

In the end, when Pickering is shuttered up, we will get this huge mess sitting out by the lake, being corroded by seagull poop. Ontario will get poor trying to run an economy on wind. I will dance with my pension! :)


wordfalling said...

*sigh* I turned thirty recently and for two-thirds of my life I lived downstream from Maine Yankee. I watched as the waterfront-owning out-of-state nimbys shut down Maine Yankee. Fast-forward I don't know how many years and the waste is still there so what good did it do? Hrm... increased load on coal-fired plants and higher electricity bills throughout midcoast and southern Maine. Doesn't really affect people who only come here in the summer.

Now I'm living upstream from Maine Yankee so what the hell, load it up you Yucca Mountain rejects. Sure the train goes right by my place and some of the antique shops might have a problem but I don't.

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, take some pictures of all the wildlife nesting and burrowing into the radioactive waste. I want them to know how Pickering is going to look in 20 years! :)

wordfalling said...

I'd stroll through the local preserves but their website has been down for months.

hydroponics said...

That is the damage?